Bernie Sanders’s 2016 campaign for president revealed the deep hunger American workers have to fix our broken political system and rigged economy. That’s why my state was one of almost two dozen that went to Bernie in the primary, and Labor for Bernie played a big part in getting working people on board.

Now Bernie is running again, a leader in opinion polls and grassroots fundraising while continuing to speak truth to power. Trump, on the other hand, lied to my Steelworkers local at Carrier about saving jobs, and betrayed workers from California to the East Coast. Workers know Bernie is a straight shooter, has devoted his life to fighting for workers, and is the candidate who can beat Trump in 2020.

Are you ready to step up?

Bernie’s campaign changed the public debate by putting the needs of working people front and center and forced many of the other Democratic contenders to follow.

But our movement goes beyond one national election. The surge in workplace actions — from the nationwide teachers revolt to the recent Stop and Shop strike — is a central part of the grassroots political revolution we’re seeing. So is building power in our communities through Our Revolution. That’s why many of us have been building Our Revolution groups at the local level.

It’s what helped me win election last November as Wayne Township Trustee in Indianapolis. Now we have Bernie’s campaign which provides the best opportunity to build on our local work and mobilize more workers. The challenge now for union members and labor activists is to take the campaign into our workplaces and union halls and win union support for Bernie, his platform, and to build a powerful movement for workers.

Download a sample resolution to help you win support for a member-driven, bottom-up, democratic union endorsement process — by your local or national union. And don’t forget to sign the volunteer pledge card.

In Solidarity,
Chuck Jones,
Former President United Steelworkers Local 1999
For Labor for Bernie 2020

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